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Weekend Roulette (1973)

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  • Weekend Roulette (1973)

    Production year: 1973
    Country: USA
    Genre: Classic, Feature, All sex, Oral
    Duration: 1:02:47
    Language: English

    Director: Clyde V Smithee
    Studio: VCX

    Starring: Flauviar Cortezo, Max Fenderstar, Lalina Mascotti, Gino Goldersleve, Sacha Petrovic

    Scene 1. Tricia Opal, James Mathers
    Scene 2. blonde, brun
    Scene 3. blonde, guy
    Scene 4. brun, guy
    Scene 5. Tricia Opal, guy
    Scene 6. Annette Michael, James Mathers
    Scene 7. blonde, guy
    Scene 8. brun, guy
    Scene 9. Annette Michael, guy, James Mathers

    Description: A slice of the suburban sexual life of a young, married newlywed couple highlights this all night party. Several scenarios are played out here as partners are swapped out. Couples dive into erotic waters yet untested and the games get more heated by the stroke.

    Format: MPEG-4
    Size: 560 MB
    Resolution: 640x480
    Duration: 01:02:01

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